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And Monty Python thought SPAM was funny


There it is folks, chicken in a can, but not just any chicken a whole freakin chicken and fully cooked no less.  Having recently purchased squid in a can I thought I was prepared for most “in a can” foods, uh yeah not even close.  Sent to me by a food in a can aficionado friend of mine this is just to good to pass up.  If you think you have the stomach for it hit the jump to see what Sweet Sue is hiding inside her can.

<via Geekologie>

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Epicurious Widget for the iPhone, Finally


After months of searching over and over for a widgit from Epicurious to come out one is finally here.  The application is free and available for download at Apples iTunes Store.  Once I finished downloading the program I was eager to check it out.  It’s an easy to use interface with 10,000+ recipes, searchable by name or by choosing a chapter like ‘weeknight dinners’ and paging through each recipe one by one.   I especially like the chapter’s titles such as ‘I cook like a Pro’ and ‘I can Barely cook’ so you can decide just how involved you really want to be in your kitchen that day.  You can search by main ingredient, type of cuisine, dietary consideration, dish type and season, or occasion.

Probing deeper into the app, I’ve found that it is easy to make a shopping list, mark things as favorites, and even email the recipe to an unsuspecting boyfriend as an eHunnyDo.  The only thing I have to gripe about, and its my main complaint with all cooking applications and magazines, what’s with all the deserts?  There are more than 5,000 deserts and less than 700 weeknight dinners? Ummm, what happened to eat your dinner then you can have a desert.

<via Epicurious>

Starbucks, gimme a break!


Have you seen the new Starbucks ad campaign?  This has to be the worst one they’ve had to date.  Using the tag line ‘Beware of a cheaper cup of coffee. It comes with a price,’ Once again Starbucks is unapologetic about their raping of America with high priced coffee.  Selling American’s over roasted coffees on every street corner has allowed the mega brewer to sit back and watch us slowly start to believe bitter is better.  

The letter accompanying the new campaign preview was kind enough to remind us that even if your watching your pennies, value doesn’t mean going with a different coffee.  Now I indulge in a Venti Vanilla Latte every now and again, but thanks to Starbuck’s continuing compassion for its customers, I’m really going to enjoy my coffee from Dunkin Donuts tomorrow.

No need to Memorize Anymore


If you haven’t recently, take the time to thank a teacher.  Or at least check out teachnet.com.  They have awesome things to help you remember all kinds of things.  With this cool little graphic of Mr. Gallon I’ll never have to rummage around for my grade school Trapper Keeper to know how many cups it takes to make my Koolaid right.

The Greatest Show on Earth: Or the Best Thing in a Tent this Year


After a year break it’s back everyone!  The greatest food gadget sale in the Chicagoland area… it’s the Wilton Tent Sale!!!!!  Going from May 29 until June 16,2009, this sale will feature over 3,000 products at up to 75% off.  Wilton, a well known supplier of baking supplies, based in Woodridge, Illinois, is putting up a tent once again in the parking lot of their corporate offices for all of us to fill our baskets with amazing quality products for dirt cheap.  Available for purchase will of course be the Wilton brand as well as Copco Housewares, Performance Pans and Mario Batali’s Italian Kitchen.

At the sale you can find everything your heart desires from cake decorator bag tips to a chocolate fountain.  Sweets not your thing? A wide array of pots and pans from Batali’s line were spotted two years ago, and my friend stocked up on her scrap booking supplies there too.  Check their website for directions, and don’t forget to check out the schedule of demonstrations by the Wilton School.

Can’t make the event yourself?  Have no fear, we will give you the next best thing, the Flavourgasmic team will be hitting the street to bring you full coverage from the event.

Demy – The Digital Recipe Reader… That can’t read…

from www.mydemy.com

from www.mydemy.com

Until now kitchen computers have all had one thing in common… they have failed miserably.  Starting in 1969 with the Honeywell H316 Kitchen Computer, available for the low price of $10,600 (or $62,772.90 in 2009 dollars), this computer built into a table with attached chair and cutting board was able to do one thing, store recipes.  Evidently even the included recipe book (huh?) and kitchen apron couldn’t save the H316 from it’s two week learning curve to program, lack of text based display (you had to learn to read binary) and Clockwork Orange good looks, not a single unit was sold.  Here to try once again is the Demy digital recipe reader brought to us by Key Ingredient Corporation, hey it does three things.  Hit the link for the run down.

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Things get Toasty for the Dot Matrix Generation

from www.inseq.net

from www.inseq.net

Inseq Design, a product and graphic design company out of Austria, has been cooking up some really cheeky toys for your kitchen.  Presented here is the Zuse, a toaster inspired by the dot matrix printers of yesterday, is actually burns (toasts) in a 12 x 12  pattern going line by line just like a printer.  The Zuse comes prepackaged with a memory chip that randomly chooses a pattern for each piece of toast you put in to it.  So every morning your toast is presented to you with a new picture, perfect for you to butter up to, how cute is that!  Don’t believe me? Check out the product video on youTube.

They have designed a few other things including an adjustable table and probably the coolest kitchen range hood I’ve ever seen.  Check out the husband and wife team at Inseq and keep your fingers crossed there will be more super cute stuff to come.  But right now I think I have my new dream toaster!

Tastebook, a gift in good taste.

Tastebook cover option from Tastebook.com

from Tastebook.com

Two Christmas’ ago I was really at a loss for what to give everyone.  It was the second holiday season that I would be spending with Brian’s family instead of my own and I really wanted to do something special for everyone.  I decided I was going to collect all of our families best loved recipes from the past 3 generations and put them all in one place.  Many of the recipes that I had from my grandmothers were written in pencil on scraps of paper, or in the margins of other cookbooks, it was impossible to keep track of what I had.  Hit the Jump for more…

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Non-Stick vs. Non-Non-Stick Round 1


A good friend of mine recently approached me in regards to buying some new cookware.  After making my typical pitch at trying to get someone to buy the $1900 All-Clad set, I sat down to figure out what a good recommendation would be.  The question quickly turned to non-stick vs non-non-stick for lack of a better term.  I am going to ignore, at least in this article, the material the cookware is made of and try to focus just on the finish.  There are definitely pluses and minuses to both styles of cookware, but is there a clear cut winner?  Hit the jump to see how things stack up between the two.

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The lean mean iPod grilling machine?


We live in an era when a lowercase i is the difference between a George Foreman grill and a bad-ass multimedia grilling experience.  Ok, well maybe it’s not all that, but I do remember when the only thing that came after i was e.  Welcome to the George Foreman GIPOD200 IPOD and MP3 Ready Indoor/Outdoor Grill or as I like to call it, the iGrill.  In addition to 200 square inches of electric barbecue action this Foreman grill packs a 10 watt speaker and amplifier that is compatible with your iPod or other mp3 device.  Weighing in at a solid 35 pounds and available now at a list price of 169.99 you can be rocking and grilling in no time.