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Give the gift of chocolate, by the light of the moon


With the mantra of peace, love, and chocolate, Vosges Haut-Chocolat does things a little bit different.  Whether it’s chocolate truffles, chocolate bars or even the Mo’s bacon bar, Vosges sources only the finest ingredients from around the world.  This ensures that every one of their creations is not only delicious but tells the tales of its ingredients.  Using chocolate Vosges takes you on a journey of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits and nuts.  On offer are such delights as the Enchanted Mushroom Candy Bar or the Naga Exotic Candy Bar which combines the flavours of chocolate with coconut and sweet Indian curry.

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Tired of your cheese going bad? Try Cheese Paper


Do you feel like your cheese is going bad before its time?  Does your cheese end up acquiring funky ammonia like smells?  If either of these have ever happened to you then perhaps it time to try Formaticum’s Cheese Paper.  Designed to mimic a cave-like environment their cheese paper is designed to keep your cheese around longer.  Hit the jump for a pictorial view of how it works and a video on how to wrap your cheese.

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Part meat, part business card, all awesome! It’s the Meat Card


Ever wonder what to do when you business has seemingly captured the entire market?  Sure you could go after the meat jerky lovers, but everyone knows they are one of the most difficult demographics to target.  All that may have changed and your business may soon be booming, thanks to a hopefully soon to be released new product, the Meat Card.  Read on.

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Global Eats: Australia, food from the land down under


Earlier this week I brought you a bit of Australia with a feature on Vegemite.  Today for my Global Eats piece I bring you even more food from down under and a purveyor that can bring it to you.  If, for instance, after reading the vegemite story you decided you can’t live without beer waste in a jar then Simply Australian can hook you up.  Mind you, not just with a small jar, but with a whole freaking case.  They even sell Marmite if you have the hankering to give the original yeast in a jar product a go.  Read on for more.

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You’re gonna love my nuts.


I can’t believe it has taken me this long to pull out that post title.  Around the office Vince Shlomi , “The ShamWow Guy” has quite a following.  Uttering such great lines as, “You’re gonna love my nuts!” and “Stop having a boring tuna, Stop having a boring life.”.  Well here he is again in probably one of the best remixes ever, in the history of ever.  Created by DJ Steve Porter using the Slap Chop commercial, don’t walk, run to the jump.

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Give yourself the cutting edge, with Epicurean

Kitchen Series

Most cutting boards suffer from two problems.  First they are usually materials that are hard to clean and second they take up huge amounts of space in your cabinets.  Fortunately for all of us Epicurean has come to our rescue.  Not only do we exclusively use Epicurean cutting boards in the Flavourgasmic kitchen we also give them as gifts, they are that good.  Read on for more.

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Destroy All Blenders


If all the blenders on blender island were to be summoned to battle against King Ghidorah, mankind would have nothing to worry about if those blenders happened to be the Total Blender from Blendtec!  I have a little bit of a blender crush on the Total Blender, ever since I destroyed my first Cheap O’ blender making frozen drinks for party goers.  I have always said that I can’t justify the $399.95 price tag of the Blendtec, but having spent over $500 on cheap blenders that argument seems to fall down.  So why do I love the Total Blender, what makes it so special?  Read on.

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Who doesn’t like an hourglass figure?


I know I sure do, and thanks to Sur la Table I can even drink from this perfect shape with their Hourglass Beverage Jar.  Just in time for summer festivities you can now serve up your favorite alcoholic beverages (OK so I guess non-alcoholic would work too) with class.  Featuring a large 2 gallon capacity go ahead and get the entire party drunk serving up lemonade and vodka, orange juice and tequila or perhaps a nice sangria.  With the pour spout even people who are two pitchers to the wind will be able to continue serving.  Hit the link for some accessories.

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What’s your Pizza-Que


If it’s the Charcoal Companion Pizza Que then I’d say it’s quite high.  A lot of people will tell you that the only way to cook up a truly great pizza is with the high heat that only a pizza oven can provide.  Unfortunately most consumer home ovens simply can not produce the heat required to get a perfect crust.  Enter the Pizza Que, made to work with your outdoor charcoal or gas grill both of which can hit the temperatures required to make the perfect pizza.  Hit the link for more.

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Katt just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich


As I roamed the isles of World Market the other day, I happened to glance up and spot the iconic logo of the Vegemite jar.  A couple dollars later it was in my bag and I was on my way home.  It has been about 10 years since I was last acquainted with vegemite, and if memory served me right I was not looking forward to trying it again.  But time has a way of changing things and I was ready to go.  Like most Americans I had originally tried it because of the Men at Work song “Down Under”.  I now return to it, however, as a culinary adventurer seeking the truth.  Hit the jump if you are a truth seeker.

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