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Destroy All Blenders


If all the blenders on blender island were to be summoned to battle against King Ghidorah, mankind would have nothing to worry about if those blenders happened to be the Total Blender from Blendtec!  I have a little bit of a blender crush on the Total Blender, ever since I destroyed my first Cheap O’ blender making frozen drinks for party goers.  I have always said that I can’t justify the $399.95 price tag of the Blendtec, but having spent over $500 on cheap blenders that argument seems to fall down.  So why do I love the Total Blender, what makes it so special?  Read on.

Right off the bat I have to point out that you may have already seen a Blendtec in action.  If you have ever been to a bar or restaurant and seen a blender with a square jar odds are it was a Blendtec.  On the consumer side of the market Blendtec sells two models, the Total Blender (in black or white) for $399.95 and the Connoisseur for $799.95.  The Connoisseur is functionally very similar to the Total Blender.  The biggest differences are the warranty, 5 years vs. the Total Blenders 3 year warranty, and the controls.  The Connoisseur has the controls on the top and is built in such a way that the blender can actually be built into the countertop!  How cool is that?

Alright back to the object of my blender lust, the Total Blender, what makes it so good?  For one it has a 13amp / 1500 Watt direct drive motor.  This means no more smoking blender motor or melted plastic (both have happened to me) when trying to crush ice.  Don’t trust me?  The Total Blender even comes with an Ice-Crushing guarantee!  An addition to power the Total Blender also has control.  Featuring what Blendtec refers to as Smart-Touch Tecnology, this just means that in addition to standard blender control you also get several built in cycle buttons.  When pressed the blender will automatically speed up and slow down and eventually shut off as is appropriate for the item being made.  Still not convinced that the Blendtec is awesomness in blender form?  Let me introduce you to Will it Blend?!

Will it Blend is Blendtec’s attempt to get in on the viral video craze and if you ask me it worked.  The videos which are narrated by Tom Dickson, a wacky professor type who is great, attempt to determine if common items will blend or not in a Total Blender.  The outcome is always the same, the item is destroyed but the blender is fine.  Some of the videos are actually really cool to watch and even produce small explosions!  Take for instance this video of an iPhone being destroyed.

If you still don’t want one after that, then buddy you ain’t breathing!  Hopefully the Flavourgasmic kitchen will have one soon and I will be able to give you the first hand review of this insanely cool blender!

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