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Give the gift of chocolate, by the light of the moon


With the mantra of peace, love, and chocolate, Vosges Haut-Chocolat does things a little bit different.  Whether it’s chocolate truffles, chocolate bars or even the Mo’s bacon bar, Vosges sources only the finest ingredients from around the world.  This ensures that every one of their creations is not only delicious but tells the tales of its ingredients.  Using chocolate Vosges takes you on a journey of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits and nuts.  On offer are such delights as the Enchanted Mushroom Candy Bar or the Naga Exotic Candy Bar which combines the flavours of chocolate with coconut and sweet Indian curry.

In addition to tasty, Vosges’ chocolate bars and truffles are beautifully packaged and presented.  All boxes and folding cartons are 100% recycled paperboard and are themselves recyclable.  They use only PLA (plastic made from cornstarch) for their plastic boxes and lids.  As if that wasn’t enough all of their manufacturing is done with 100% renewable energy provided by wind and they are certified as an organic facility. 

Not a chocolate fan, but know someone who is?  Then why not give Vosges unique Lunar Chocolate of the Month club as a gift to that special chocolate lover in your life.  You can get 13 moons for $522 or 6 moons for $246.  Wherever your chocolate cravings take you Vosges is there to make sure they are satisfied.

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