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Give yourself the cutting edge, with Epicurean

Kitchen Series

Most cutting boards suffer from two problems.  First they are usually materials that are hard to clean and second they take up huge amounts of space in your cabinets.  Fortunately for all of us Epicurean has come to our rescue.  Not only do we exclusively use Epicurean cutting boards in the Flavourgasmic kitchen we also give them as gifts, they are that good.  Read on for more.

Ok let’s start with what makes them such a hit in our kitchen.  They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, woohoo.  Unlike most bamboo and wood cutting boards (believe me I have had wood boards split) you can just toss them in the dishwasher when you are done.  Perhaps most important to me is that Epicurean cutting boards are knife safe.  As any chef or experienced cook knows, knives are the number one tool we have in our kitchen and we should treat them like gold!  Almost equally important is their size.  Epicurean boards are only about a ¼ inch thick making them easy to stash in most cabinets.  My mom, who still uses a plastic cutting board, will tell you that every once in a while she has to bleach her cutting board due to staining.  She wouldn’t have to do this if she switched to an Epicurean board which thanks to its surface resists staining and odors!  Also cool is their ability to handle heat to 350 degrees F to be exact.  This allows them to work as trivets in addition to cutting boards.  Epicurean also sells trivets that could probably be used as cutting boards.  I begrudgingly feel I need to mention one other trait.  They are eco friendly.  Made from eco select paper 60% of the energy used to produce the raw materials is from renewable energy.  They even have a line of cutting boards made from recycled cardboard upping the green factor, blah, moving on.  Personally I would feel better if they where made from the ground bones of happy fluffy bunnies and the tears of Mother Nature as the earth is destroyed by man.  Ok so they aren’t perfect but they are close.

We own two of their cutting boards and have been using them for about 3 years now.  During that time we have put them through the washing machine hundreds of times and they are just as good now as the day we purchased them.  We are using fairly expensive knives and I’m sure if they could talk they would thank us.  I monitor the edges of them frequently and have not noticed any abnormal wear due to using these cutting boards.  They don’t show any staining nor have they retained any odors despite cutting garlic, squid, and happy fluffy bunnies.

Epicurean offers a dizzying array of cutting boards, from small handy boards, to large carving boards with grooves that can accommodate cups of drippings. You can do yourself and your knives a favor and head over to Epicurean and check out their cutting board line up.  Here are some examples.



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