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Global Eats: Australia, food from the land down under


Earlier this week I brought you a bit of Australia with a feature on Vegemite.  Today for my Global Eats piece I bring you even more food from down under and a purveyor that can bring it to you.  If, for instance, after reading the vegemite story you decided you can’t live without beer waste in a jar then Simply Australian can hook you up.  Mind you, not just with a small jar, but with a whole freaking case.  They even sell Marmite if you have the hankering to give the original yeast in a jar product a go.  Read on for more.

Started in 1993 importing Bindoon boots from Western Australia and Rossi boots from South Australia, Simply Australian quickly grew into their first retail store only 12 months later.  Going online in 1998 and adding online shopping in 2001, Simply Australian now carries a massive array of products from Down Under and in particular candy, drinks, and food!

After vegemite I can’t think of another food item more Australian than the Tim Tam.  Produced by Arnott’s Biscuits of Australia the Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit made by sandwiching chocolate cream filling in between two malted chocolate biscuits and then given a thin coating of textured chocolate.  The name Tim Tam comes from owner Ross Arnott who while attending the 1958 Kentucky Derby thought the winning horse Tim Tam would make a good name for a new biscuit he was going to introduce.  Simply Australian can hook you up with all the various flavors of Tim Tam, and if you are feeling up to it try the Tim Tam Slam.  What’s the Tim Tam Slam you ask?  It’s the practice of first biting both ends off your Tim Tam and then using it as a straw to drink your favorite beverage (usually milk, coffee or tea).  That’s got to be worth the price of admission right there!

In addition to the sweets they also carry a wide variety of other Aussie foods from condiments all the way to another Australian favorite the meat pie.  Available for overnight shipment Monday-Wednesday you can get 12 pies for $40.00 but shipping will set you back an additional $40.00 so you really have to love your meat pies!  Also available are a selection of Australian beers and wines, which can be shipped to most states, but make sure to check before ordering alcohol.  Even if you don’t like food you can probably find something at Simply Australian you will like, but if you don’t like food you can just bugger off cause you don’t belong here.

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