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Part meat, part business card, all awesome! It’s the Meat Card


Ever wonder what to do when you business has seemingly captured the entire market?  Sure you could go after the meat jerky lovers, but everyone knows they are one of the most difficult demographics to target.  All that may have changed and your business may soon be booming, thanks to a hopefully soon to be released new product, the Meat Card.  Read on.

Using giant slab jerky in “original” flavor from Tillamook, Oregon, several crafty individuals had the idea to sear contact information into it.  Using a 150 watt C02 laser the results are a business card “printed” on 100% beef jerky.  Not quite ready for prime time yet, they still have to figure out how to seal the jerky.  They hope to have Meat Cards available for sale soon.  No word on pricing yet, in the meantime check them out at their website, meatcards.com, or check out their prototyping photoset on Flickr.

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