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Tired of your cheese going bad? Try Cheese Paper


Do you feel like your cheese is going bad before its time?  Does your cheese end up acquiring funky ammonia like smells?  If either of these have ever happened to you then perhaps it time to try Formaticum’s Cheese Paper.  Designed to mimic a cave-like environment their cheese paper is designed to keep your cheese around longer.  Hit the jump for a pictorial view of how it works and a video on how to wrap your cheese.


Designed to maintain proper humidity and allow oxygen exchange, Cheese Paper should maintain your precious cheese collection at its peak for longer.  Conventional food storage materials are non-porous which can suffocate and kill your cheese before its time.  Non-porous materials also trap moisture accelerating the growth of surface mold and spoilage.  Cheese Paper’s porous inner layer wicks away excess humidity while allowing oxygen exchange.  Available at many cheese purveyors or directly from Formatium, if you seem to suffer from premature cheese failure then why not give it a try?  Enjoy this video on how to wrap your cheese.

How To Wrap Cheese from Formaticum on Vimeo.

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