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Who doesn’t like an hourglass figure?


I know I sure do, and thanks to Sur la Table I can even drink from this perfect shape with their Hourglass Beverage Jar.  Just in time for summer festivities you can now serve up your favorite alcoholic beverages (OK so I guess non-alcoholic would work too) with class.  Featuring a large 2 gallon capacity go ahead and get the entire party drunk serving up lemonade and vodka, orange juice and tequila or perhaps a nice sangria.  With the pour spout even people who are two pitchers to the wind will be able to continue serving.  Hit the link for some accessories.

Also available from Sur la Table to complete your Hourglass serving set are a Hanging Beverage Jar Sign and a Hourglass Beverage Jar Stand.  The hanging sign is nothing more than a mini chalk board that allows you to inform your guests of what delectable drinks await them.  Being easy to wipe clean it also means that everybody’s favorite party trickster will be able to mislabel the drinks leading to hysterical and hopefully sexy consequences.  The hourglass beverage jar stand allows you to lift your beverage jar off of the table making sure that your shorter friends will once again feel like you hate them.  Either that or it will make it easier to get glasses under the spigot of the jar.  The jar and stand are available now exclusively at Sur la Table for $60.00 and $17.00 respectivly.  The sign will be available 7/6/2009 and will set you back $6.00 when available.  If like me you are tired of being the only one at the party with an hourglass figure, you can’t go wrong.


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