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True Grit


It’s no secret that I grew up in South Carolina, okay, yes my parents were yankees, but there are just some things that come with growing up in the southeast. One of those things is that I eat grits, I love them, anytime of the day. However they can’t just be those 15 minute instant kind of grits (truth be told I’m not sure that this is not the true start of the civil war), but real grits, the kind that take time, love, and when done right, just melt in your mouth.  Hit the link for more on grits.

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One of Flavourgasmic’s own honored by alma mater, cheering ensues


While I know this is not the typical subject matter for Flavourgasmic I feel it deserves a mention.  Katt was recently honoured with an article in the College of Charleston Magazinediscussing her career as a special effects make-up artist in L.A.  The article features several alumni who have succeeded in the world of Film and TV.  By far the most famous of which is obviously Katt.  Hit the link to read the article (I’m the Zombie in the background).

 <College of Charleston Magazine :: Starmakers>

New News For Vegemite Lovers


Recently Brian and I tried Vegemite and several popular concoctions using this B-vitamin packed yeast based spread.  Well there is good news for those of us that loved the Vegemite and cream cheese blend, at least that is if you’re an Aussie, or planning a trip to Sydney.  Thats right!  The makers of Vegemite have planned to make a new spread containing the flavors of Vegemite and cream cheese with the addition of a new “secret ingredient”.  Even better it will be available premixed.  Kraft Australia  has devised a naming contest to give this new yummy its title.  Check out their site, enter a name, and you might just be the lucky salt that gets to name what is sure to be one of the hottest selling new food items in Australia!

King Oscar Sardines


You know how in movies someone always comes home and opens up a carton of milk, smells it, and then says to their significant other, “Does this smell bad to you?”  I can’t handle it.  I’m completely paranoid about that sort of thing.  If it’s in my power to determine if the food is bad, it’s bad by default.  If the milk is past its date, don’t even bother to smell it.  Just dump it out.  If the meat is over a week old, throw it out.  The sell by date is equivalent to the use by date.  And because of this I’ve become a great fan of canned and frozen food.  The date is stamped right on there.  All this fresh and local food that celebrity chefs on TV keep blathering on about is not for me.  If I pick the fruit right off the tree, then I’ll eat it.  If not, it better be in a can.  This is the first of hopefully many articles I write for Flavourgasmic about canned and frozen food.

For my first article I’ve chosen to write about King Oscar sardines.  I chose King Oscar sardines for a few reasons.  The company has a semi-long history that goes on for over 100 years.  Also, I have a bizarre fascination with European royalty.  And the most important reason of all is that fairly recently I’ve gotten into seafood.  For most of my life, I haven’t really eaten fish, and I still don’t eat it in abundance (unless you count being lied to by my parents and their “chicken fish”, but that’s another story).  But one of the first for me was King Oscar sardines.  Hit the link for more.

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Zucchini Bread, Heaven in a Loaf Pan


Sometimes your friends bring you food, sometimes its good, other times not so much… When my friend Liza brought her zucchini bread into work, this was a case were it was excellent!  I had to have the recipe, and with a few minor tweaks I give it to you… The Ultimate Zucchini Bread after the jump.

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Impress or kill your friends, either way have fun, with backyard beekeeping


Ever dream of raising a colony of nuclear powered mutant super bees?  You have to start somewhere, and why not with a Beginner Beekeeping Kit.  I am certainly no stranger to hobbies (I have several hundred, need chainmail, no problem) and I defiantly love honey, but the idea of having hundreds of swarming bees (ok beekeepers I know that bees are least likely to sting during a swarm but suspend disbelief) in my backyard is a little extreme even by my standards.  But wouldn’t it be nice to lure your enemies over with the offer of drinks only to trap them in your apiary of death?  Hit the link for info.

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Global Eats: Israel, Naf Naf Grill (Naperville, Illinois)


Israeli cuisine is extremely diverse being comprised of foods brought by Jewish immigrants from all parts of the world.  There are however two main avenues that Israeli food tends to follow, those of the Jews originating from the Middle East and those from the immigrants from Europe and the West.  It’s the food from the first group, with its roots in the Arab world that have inspired the menu at a new eatery Naf Naf Grill in Naperville, Illinois.  Continue on for the review.

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Have an axe to grind with pepper? Try a Unicorn


Peppermill that is!  If there is one spice in the kitchen that Katt and I can agree should belong in just about every meal, its’ pepper.  As a matter of fact on one of the very first dates Katt and I ever went on I actually stole a pepper mill.  It occurred while at a restaurant in Las Vegas, the pepper mill on the table worked so well that it left when we did.  It continued to serve us well on the remainder of the trip.  Many dates and pepper grinds later Katt and I needed a new mill, something that would hold up to the demands of a high pepper use household and some serious au poivre action.  All of our research and testing lead us to one grinder, the Magnum by Unicorn Peppermills.  Hit the jump for the full run down.

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Bavarian Lodge (Lisle, Illinois)


If your idea of a good German restaurant requires Oom-pah music, lederhosen, musty old dark wood, and more dead animals than live people then the Bavarian Lodge in Lisle, Illinois may not be the restaurant for you.  If however you are in the mood for some good German food and an incredible beer selection then read on.

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The why of brown


Ever wonder what gives your steak that beautiful brown crust and amazing aroma?  How about why bread dough goes from white and unassuming to toasty golden brown and delicious?  Both of these phenomena, and many others, are the responsibility of the same reaction which is represented by that picture up there.  This reaction is known as Maillard browning which along with caramelization are the two non-enzymatic browning methods responsible for delicious food.  To find out what ducks have to do with cooking, read on.

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