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Impress or kill your friends, either way have fun, with backyard beekeeping


Ever dream of raising a colony of nuclear powered mutant super bees?  You have to start somewhere, and why not with a Beginner Beekeeping Kit.  I am certainly no stranger to hobbies (I have several hundred, need chainmail, no problem) and I defiantly love honey, but the idea of having hundreds of swarming bees (ok beekeepers I know that bees are least likely to sting during a swarm but suspend disbelief) in my backyard is a little extreme even by my standards.  But wouldn’t it be nice to lure your enemies over with the offer of drinks only to trap them in your apiary of death?  Hit the link for info.

Being billed as a way to help boost the dwindling honey bee populations the beginner beekeeping kit includes everything necessary to get started as a beekeeper.  You get hive, wax, smoker and fuel, gloves, helmet, veil, brush, nails, assembly instructions and a book titled “First Lessons in Beekeeping” (seems fitting).  All of this for $299 keep in mind however that the bees are not included.  From a honey standpoint this would be awesome, there really is something wonderful about the idea of harvesting your own, but I just can’t get past the bee stings.  Am I the only one that thinks Blofeld would have been the perfect beekeeper?  Whether you are a member of SPECTRE or not check out the Beginner Beekeeping Kit at Real Goods and get a jump on evil plan season.

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