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Roasted chicken is going vertical


With father’s day rapidly approaching my thoughts are starting to turn towards the meal I will prepare for my father.  After viewing Mr. Walken‘s preparing roasted chicken he mentioned this might be something he wanted.  Of course this isn’t just any roasted chicken, it’s vertical roasted chicken.  This of course requires, you guessed it, a vertical roaster.  When it comes to vertical roasters there is only one name to go with and that’s Spanek.  Read on to find out why.

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BBQ Sauce: Carolina Style


After being told on many occasions by Katt that the barbecue sauce I was using was wrong (it was ketchup based) I started to believe she may be right.  Don’t get me wrong I still like my red BBQ sauce but Katt won’t go near the stuff.  This sent me on a journey to make some homemade Carolina style BBQ sauce since in the Chicagoland area there just isn’t any to come by.  After several weeks of trying, some hits and some misses, I finally came up with a sauce that is my Yankee interpretation of a mustard based Carolina style BBQ sauce.  I am calling this sauce round 1 since I think there is still room for improvement but this is a good start.  Hit the jump for the recipe.

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Global Eats: Germany


Have a hankering for some Apfelschorle?  Can’t seem to find a good Blutworst or Liverwurst?  Has it been far too long since you had a good Leberkäse?  Perhaps you just miss a nice German brot with a healthy spread of Griebenschmalz?  If any of this makes sense to you, or even if it doesn’t, keep reading to learn more about these delicious German foods.

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Turkish Coffee


Long before the Italians started what most people now associate with, and Starbucks tries to pass off as, coffee, the Arabs roasted and brewed coffee in a manner that has not changed much since the 16th century.  To those in the west this brew is know as Turkish Coffee, in Turkey and the Middle East however it is simply known as kahve which originates from the Arabic word for ‘coffee’.  The unique brewing style used requires just a couple of pieces of equipment and some coffee and the resulting, often spiced, dark elixir is as rich in taste as it is in history.  Read on to find out how to make it.

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It’s time for ice cream to meet its maker


Several people asked me about ice cream makers after yesterday’s post.  Ice cream makers unfortunately come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes and materials.  From the $25 Ice Cream maker ball, that makes ice cream by rolling around a frozen plastic ball, to the $2800 commercial batch ice cream makers that can make ice cream in as little as 20 minutes.  Ultimately I settled on the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2qt model, I say settled because I couldn’t afford the Taylor 220 shown here used for $11,500.  For $79 dollars though I think the Cuisinart was a close second.  Keep reading to find out why I like it.

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Two Desserts: One will get you drunk and one will sober you up


Nothing is better on a hot summer day than a daiquiri, unless of course you can get your hands on some daiquiri ice.  But if that hot summer day falls during the week and in the middle of the day odds are your boss won’t appreciate you eating alcoholic ice desserts, no matter how hot it is.  Enter coffee ice cream, the perfect way to sober up after a couple of scoops of daiquiri ice.  Keep reading to find out how I make them both.

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I may be dumped… For a Popsicle


Last weekend while watching Quantum of Solace it became apparent that if it weren’t for Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) that Katt would probably not have sat through the whole movie.  I have to admit I thought the movie was terrible but at least Daniel Craig is a pretty decent choice for Bond.  Now thanks to Del Monte Katt may actually get the opportunity to have her lips stuck to his.  Read on to find out more, and for the ladies I offer some Daniel Craig eye candy…

<via Daily Mail>

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Sugar stages are the way to Divinity


Recently at work a conversation about crack lead to a discussion of sugar stages.  So what are sugar stages you ask?  Anyone who owns a candy thermometer has probably seen, in addition to temperatures, words like thread and hard crack written on its face.  Those words correspond to the stages that sugar goes through as it is heated.  Continue on for more info on the sugar stages and find out how the firm ball stage leads to divinity.

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