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King Oscar Sardines


You know how in movies someone always comes home and opens up a carton of milk, smells it, and then says to their significant other, “Does this smell bad to you?”  I can’t handle it.  I’m completely paranoid about that sort of thing.  If it’s in my power to determine if the food is bad, it’s bad by default.  If the milk is past its date, don’t even bother to smell it.  Just dump it out.  If the meat is over a week old, throw it out.  The sell by date is equivalent to the use by date.  And because of this I’ve become a great fan of canned and frozen food.  The date is stamped right on there.  All this fresh and local food that celebrity chefs on TV keep blathering on about is not for me.  If I pick the fruit right off the tree, then I’ll eat it.  If not, it better be in a can.  This is the first of hopefully many articles I write for Flavourgasmic about canned and frozen food.

For my first article I’ve chosen to write about King Oscar sardines.  I chose King Oscar sardines for a few reasons.  The company has a semi-long history that goes on for over 100 years.  Also, I have a bizarre fascination with European royalty.  And the most important reason of all is that fairly recently I’ve gotten into seafood.  For most of my life, I haven’t really eaten fish, and I still don’t eat it in abundance (unless you count being lied to by my parents and their “chicken fish”, but that’s another story).  But one of the first for me was King Oscar sardines.  Hit the link for more.

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Katt just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich


As I roamed the isles of World Market the other day, I happened to glance up and spot the iconic logo of the Vegemite jar.  A couple dollars later it was in my bag and I was on my way home.  It has been about 10 years since I was last acquainted with vegemite, and if memory served me right I was not looking forward to trying it again.  But time has a way of changing things and I was ready to go.  Like most Americans I had originally tried it because of the Men at Work song “Down Under”.  I now return to it, however, as a culinary adventurer seeking the truth.  Hit the jump if you are a truth seeker.

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Muffins for Mothers Day


Well as Brian told you, I’m the baker in the family.  I’m still unsure if it is because I’m a really great baker or if it’s because Brian breaks out in a rash if exact measurements are necessary.  Which brings me to my first question… what kind of baker are you?  Are you a measure and weigh, are you a measure and level off, or are you an eyeball measurer? This really makes a huge difference when you are baking.  Now the only method I really, really suggest to avoid is the eyeballing method.  This is probably the biggest reason why there is a difference between chefs and bakers.  Baking can’t be eyeballed, and if you manage to have something turn out successfully using this method, I suggest you head to Vegas because you’ve got luck on your side.  Personally, I’m a scoop and level kinda gal.  Sure it’s not quite as exact as using a scale, but hey, I like to live on the edge.  So your choices are level or measure.  Choose the one you like and stick with it.  Click the link for more on muffins and yummy recipes to try…
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Strawberries and Squid what could go wrong…


 I like squid, I like whipped cream, and I like strawberries, put them together and how could you not have a winner on your hands.  Easy, my brain tells me that one of these things is not like the other.  Let me back up a little first, I have recently been reading Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking and in it chef Morimoto (one of my culinary heroes) details the recipe for squid strawberry ice candy.  This sounds interesting I thought, or maybe it was just an excuse to purchase a new gadget (more on this later).  The concept is simple, puree some squid and simple syrup together, load it into a whipped cream maker, surround a strawberry with squid foam and freeze it.  Now here is where it gets difficult, eating it, which goes like this.  Num, Num, Num, mmmm this is sweet and velvety like a frozen whipped cream, oh is that strawberry I taste, how delicio… OH GOD, mouth to brain, come in brain, is that squid?  That’s not right is it?  Brain to mouth, it is squid, how odd someone has gotten squid in my frozen dessert, and this is where your tasting ends.  Sweet and strawberry are but distant memories in your mouth and the taste of squid is moving in.  I do have to say the flavour is not bad, it’s just odd, like wearing a winter jacket with shorts.  Maybe my palate is just to western for such seafood desserts or just maybe squid plus whipped cream maker plus strawberry really does equal frowny face.  Hit the link for what Katt has to say.

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