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New News For Vegemite Lovers


Recently Brian and I tried Vegemite and several popular concoctions using this B-vitamin packed yeast based spread.  Well there is good news for those of us that loved the Vegemite and cream cheese blend, at least that is if you’re an Aussie, or planning a trip to Sydney.  Thats right!  The makers of Vegemite have planned to make a new spread containing the flavors of Vegemite and cream cheese with the addition of a new “secret ingredient”.  Even better it will be available premixed.  Kraft Australia  has devised a naming contest to give this new yummy its title.  Check out their site, enter a name, and you might just be the lucky salt that gets to name what is sure to be one of the hottest selling new food items in Australia!

King Oscar Sardines


You know how in movies someone always comes home and opens up a carton of milk, smells it, and then says to their significant other, “Does this smell bad to you?”  I can’t handle it.  I’m completely paranoid about that sort of thing.  If it’s in my power to determine if the food is bad, it’s bad by default.  If the milk is past its date, don’t even bother to smell it.  Just dump it out.  If the meat is over a week old, throw it out.  The sell by date is equivalent to the use by date.  And because of this I’ve become a great fan of canned and frozen food.  The date is stamped right on there.  All this fresh and local food that celebrity chefs on TV keep blathering on about is not for me.  If I pick the fruit right off the tree, then I’ll eat it.  If not, it better be in a can.  This is the first of hopefully many articles I write for Flavourgasmic about canned and frozen food.

For my first article I’ve chosen to write about King Oscar sardines.  I chose King Oscar sardines for a few reasons.  The company has a semi-long history that goes on for over 100 years.  Also, I have a bizarre fascination with European royalty.  And the most important reason of all is that fairly recently I’ve gotten into seafood.  For most of my life, I haven’t really eaten fish, and I still don’t eat it in abundance (unless you count being lied to by my parents and their “chicken fish”, but that’s another story).  But one of the first for me was King Oscar sardines.  Hit the link for more.

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Global Eats: Israel, Naf Naf Grill (Naperville, Illinois)


Israeli cuisine is extremely diverse being comprised of foods brought by Jewish immigrants from all parts of the world.  There are however two main avenues that Israeli food tends to follow, those of the Jews originating from the Middle East and those from the immigrants from Europe and the West.  It’s the food from the first group, with its roots in the Arab world that have inspired the menu at a new eatery Naf Naf Grill in Naperville, Illinois.  Continue on for the review.

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Global Eats: Germany


Have a hankering for some Apfelschorle?  Can’t seem to find a good Blutworst or Liverwurst?  Has it been far too long since you had a good Leberkäse?  Perhaps you just miss a nice German brot with a healthy spread of Griebenschmalz?  If any of this makes sense to you, or even if it doesn’t, keep reading to learn more about these delicious German foods.

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I may be dumped… For a Popsicle


Last weekend while watching Quantum of Solace it became apparent that if it weren’t for Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) that Katt would probably not have sat through the whole movie.  I have to admit I thought the movie was terrible but at least Daniel Craig is a pretty decent choice for Bond.  Now thanks to Del Monte Katt may actually get the opportunity to have her lips stuck to his.  Read on to find out more, and for the ladies I offer some Daniel Craig eye candy…

<via Daily Mail>

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Give the gift of chocolate, by the light of the moon


With the mantra of peace, love, and chocolate, Vosges Haut-Chocolat does things a little bit different.  Whether it’s chocolate truffles, chocolate bars or even the Mo’s bacon bar, Vosges sources only the finest ingredients from around the world.  This ensures that every one of their creations is not only delicious but tells the tales of its ingredients.  Using chocolate Vosges takes you on a journey of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits and nuts.  On offer are such delights as the Enchanted Mushroom Candy Bar or the Naga Exotic Candy Bar which combines the flavours of chocolate with coconut and sweet Indian curry.

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Part meat, part business card, all awesome! It’s the Meat Card


Ever wonder what to do when you business has seemingly captured the entire market?  Sure you could go after the meat jerky lovers, but everyone knows they are one of the most difficult demographics to target.  All that may have changed and your business may soon be booming, thanks to a hopefully soon to be released new product, the Meat Card.  Read on.

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Global Eats: Australia, food from the land down under


Earlier this week I brought you a bit of Australia with a feature on Vegemite.  Today for my Global Eats piece I bring you even more food from down under and a purveyor that can bring it to you.  If, for instance, after reading the vegemite story you decided you can’t live without beer waste in a jar then Simply Australian can hook you up.  Mind you, not just with a small jar, but with a whole freaking case.  They even sell Marmite if you have the hankering to give the original yeast in a jar product a go.  Read on for more.

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Global Eats: Thailand, from Snake Whisky to Pregnant Crickets


A thought towards Thai cuisine to someone with a western palate immediately conjures up visions of chilies and hot and spicy food.  Upon further exploration you learn that Thai cuisine offers up a beautiful symmetry between hot, sour, sweet and salty.  Thai cuisine delicately navigates the balance between these flavors creating other worldly dishes that are appreciated throughout the world.  Exploring even further Thai cuisine shows an exotic side that is completely foreign to the west.  Hit the jump to find out what exotic vittles wait ahead.

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Deep Fried Captain and Coke


While researching for another post I ran across an interesting food item that I was not previously aware of.  That item was fried Coke, the culinary sibling of braised heroin.  Seriously though, fried Coke, this is a dish made from frying dough made with Coca-Cola, on which Coke syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon and a cherry are added.  Created for the 2006 State Fair of Texas the official recipe has never been revealed.  Noting the decided lack of alcohol and paying homage to my favorite drink I set out to create my own version.  Read on for fried Captain and Coke.

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