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A Cook-top So Good I Had to Break My Silence

The William

Sometimes you come across something that just touches you in all the right places.  For me the combination of technology, function, and a good narrating voice made this video I stumbled across too good to pass up.  While some may pass it off as just the national anthem of the Netherlands, this “The William” is so much more.  This reminds me of what the Microsoft surface would be if used for cooking.  It’s part cook-top and part touch screen computer, hell it even has a built-in timer.  If you can’t imagine having a cook-top that allows you to deal with every item that’s placed on it individually, don’t worry, just give your imagination a rest and watch the video after the jump.

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Best misuse of a Hasbro property ever! It’s Enigma


If you don’t know the name Mauricio (Tony) Harion, you soon will.  He is the brilliant mind behind what has to be one of the best drinking games I have ever seen.  As a product design student hailing from Belo Horizonte, Brazil he created the ultimate mash-up with the Enigma – Battleship Bar Game.  I think we all get he concept here.  When one of your “ships” is hit you have to take a shot, what better way to fight for control of the seas.  Hit the link to see more pictures.

<via Coroflot>

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Impress or kill your friends, either way have fun, with backyard beekeeping


Ever dream of raising a colony of nuclear powered mutant super bees?  You have to start somewhere, and why not with a Beginner Beekeeping Kit.  I am certainly no stranger to hobbies (I have several hundred, need chainmail, no problem) and I defiantly love honey, but the idea of having hundreds of swarming bees (ok beekeepers I know that bees are least likely to sting during a swarm but suspend disbelief) in my backyard is a little extreme even by my standards.  But wouldn’t it be nice to lure your enemies over with the offer of drinks only to trap them in your apiary of death?  Hit the link for info.

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Have an axe to grind with pepper? Try a Unicorn


Peppermill that is!  If there is one spice in the kitchen that Katt and I can agree should belong in just about every meal, its’ pepper.  As a matter of fact on one of the very first dates Katt and I ever went on I actually stole a pepper mill.  It occurred while at a restaurant in Las Vegas, the pepper mill on the table worked so well that it left when we did.  It continued to serve us well on the remainder of the trip.  Many dates and pepper grinds later Katt and I needed a new mill, something that would hold up to the demands of a high pepper use household and some serious au poivre action.  All of our research and testing lead us to one grinder, the Magnum by Unicorn Peppermills.  Hit the jump for the full run down.

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It’s time for ice cream to meet its maker


Several people asked me about ice cream makers after yesterday’s post.  Ice cream makers unfortunately come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes and materials.  From the $25 Ice Cream maker ball, that makes ice cream by rolling around a frozen plastic ball, to the $2800 commercial batch ice cream makers that can make ice cream in as little as 20 minutes.  Ultimately I settled on the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2qt model, I say settled because I couldn’t afford the Taylor 220 shown here used for $11,500.  For $79 dollars though I think the Cuisinart was a close second.  Keep reading to find out why I like it.

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Tired of your cheese going bad? Try Cheese Paper


Do you feel like your cheese is going bad before its time?  Does your cheese end up acquiring funky ammonia like smells?  If either of these have ever happened to you then perhaps it time to try Formaticum’s Cheese Paper.  Designed to mimic a cave-like environment their cheese paper is designed to keep your cheese around longer.  Hit the jump for a pictorial view of how it works and a video on how to wrap your cheese.

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Give yourself the cutting edge, with Epicurean

Kitchen Series

Most cutting boards suffer from two problems.  First they are usually materials that are hard to clean and second they take up huge amounts of space in your cabinets.  Fortunately for all of us Epicurean has come to our rescue.  Not only do we exclusively use Epicurean cutting boards in the Flavourgasmic kitchen we also give them as gifts, they are that good.  Read on for more.

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Destroy All Blenders


If all the blenders on blender island were to be summoned to battle against King Ghidorah, mankind would have nothing to worry about if those blenders happened to be the Total Blender from Blendtec!  I have a little bit of a blender crush on the Total Blender, ever since I destroyed my first Cheap O’ blender making frozen drinks for party goers.  I have always said that I can’t justify the $399.95 price tag of the Blendtec, but having spent over $500 on cheap blenders that argument seems to fall down.  So why do I love the Total Blender, what makes it so special?  Read on.

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Who doesn’t like an hourglass figure?


I know I sure do, and thanks to Sur la Table I can even drink from this perfect shape with their Hourglass Beverage Jar.  Just in time for summer festivities you can now serve up your favorite alcoholic beverages (OK so I guess non-alcoholic would work too) with class.  Featuring a large 2 gallon capacity go ahead and get the entire party drunk serving up lemonade and vodka, orange juice and tequila or perhaps a nice sangria.  With the pour spout even people who are two pitchers to the wind will be able to continue serving.  Hit the link for some accessories.

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What’s your Pizza-Que


If it’s the Charcoal Companion Pizza Que then I’d say it’s quite high.  A lot of people will tell you that the only way to cook up a truly great pizza is with the high heat that only a pizza oven can provide.  Unfortunately most consumer home ovens simply can not produce the heat required to get a perfect crust.  Enter the Pizza Que, made to work with your outdoor charcoal or gas grill both of which can hit the temperatures required to make the perfect pizza.  Hit the link for more.

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