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Give the gift of chocolate, by the light of the moon


With the mantra of peace, love, and chocolate, Vosges Haut-Chocolat does things a little bit different.  Whether it’s chocolate truffles, chocolate bars or even the Mo’s bacon bar, Vosges sources only the finest ingredients from around the world.  This ensures that every one of their creations is not only delicious but tells the tales of its ingredients.  Using chocolate Vosges takes you on a journey of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits and nuts.  On offer are such delights as the Enchanted Mushroom Candy Bar or the Naga Exotic Candy Bar which combines the flavours of chocolate with coconut and sweet Indian curry.

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Global Eats: Madagascar


Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be many global eats articles, my hope is to feature interesting food items from around the world and introduce the purveyors of these unique products.  Without further ado I bring you something from Africa, or more specifically the island of Madagascar.  Started by two former Peace Corp volunteers who found themselves looking for a way to give back to the island and the people they grew to love, Madécasse, pronounced mah – DAY – cas, brings a renewable source of income to the Malagasy people and glorious chocolate to us.  Hit the link to find out more.

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