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Have an axe to grind with pepper? Try a Unicorn


Peppermill that is!  If there is one spice in the kitchen that Katt and I can agree should belong in just about every meal, its’ pepper.  As a matter of fact on one of the very first dates Katt and I ever went on I actually stole a pepper mill.  It occurred while at a restaurant in Las Vegas, the pepper mill on the table worked so well that it left when we did.  It continued to serve us well on the remainder of the trip.  Many dates and pepper grinds later Katt and I needed a new mill, something that would hold up to the demands of a high pepper use household and some serious au poivre action.  All of our research and testing lead us to one grinder, the Magnum by Unicorn Peppermills.  Hit the jump for the full run down.

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