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New News For Vegemite Lovers


Recently Brian and I tried Vegemite and several popular concoctions using this B-vitamin packed yeast based spread.  Well there is good news for those of us that loved the Vegemite and cream cheese blend, at least that is if you’re an Aussie, or planning a trip to Sydney.  Thats right!  The makers of Vegemite have planned to make a new spread containing the flavors of Vegemite and cream cheese with the addition of a new “secret ingredient”.  Even better it will be available premixed.  Kraft Australia  has devised a naming contest to give this new yummy its title.  Check out their site, enter a name, and you might just be the lucky salt that gets to name what is sure to be one of the hottest selling new food items in Australia!

Global Eats: Australia, food from the land down under


Earlier this week I brought you a bit of Australia with a feature on Vegemite.  Today for my Global Eats piece I bring you even more food from down under and a purveyor that can bring it to you.  If, for instance, after reading the vegemite story you decided you can’t live without beer waste in a jar then Simply Australian can hook you up.  Mind you, not just with a small jar, but with a whole freaking case.  They even sell Marmite if you have the hankering to give the original yeast in a jar product a go.  Read on for more.

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Katt just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich


As I roamed the isles of World Market the other day, I happened to glance up and spot the iconic logo of the Vegemite jar.  A couple dollars later it was in my bag and I was on my way home.  It has been about 10 years since I was last acquainted with vegemite, and if memory served me right I was not looking forward to trying it again.  But time has a way of changing things and I was ready to go.  Like most Americans I had originally tried it because of the Men at Work song “Down Under”.  I now return to it, however, as a culinary adventurer seeking the truth.  Hit the jump if you are a truth seeker.

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